Developing a financially sustainable model to support behavioral health (BH) services in primary care settings


Many individuals with mental health needs do not seek out services in specialty behavioral health settings, delaying or forgoing essential and effective treatments. This reality underscores the urgent need to ensure that primary care providers have tools to address certain types of mental health needs. Hope partnered with nationally renowned psychiatrist Dr. Henry Chung to develop a Center for Medicare and Medicaid innovation Grant to adapt the IMPACT model of depression care management in primary care, which had previously been limited to adults, to serve all ages and focus on additional conditions including ADHD and anxiety disorders.

Within this application, Hope helped develop a flexible payment model to support in-between-visit care. This model and payment structure was implemented at a large set of outpatient primary care clinics.


  • Won highly competitive CMMI Innovation grant ($5.6 million award)

  • Co-authored a paper, “Advancing Integration of Behavioral Health into Primary Care: A Continuum-Based Framework,” published by the United Hospital Fund