Guiding large community health center in merger with another provider and subsequent organizational integration


The vast majority of mergers and acquisitions fail either prior to successful completion or in the immediate aftermath, as staff, feeling disconnected and adrift, fail to align and effectively integrate. At a New York health center, Hope helped leadership carefully evaluate a merger target and organized the due diligence process with internal and external partners. She was the main liaison to state and federal regulatory bodies to support the transaction’s evaluation and execution.

After the merger, when staff from both organizations could have felt disconnected, she developed a collaborative transition infrastructure. This involved developing and organizing more than 15 functional transition teams with representation from both organizations, evaluating policies and procedures, and formulating alignment recommendations.


  • Successful merger – the largest such transition to date in New York between two community health centers

  • Single, merged organizational structure and accompanying leadership meeting structure

  • Single set of key performance indicators to monitor organizational performance