Easing Transitions: CalAIM’s Changes for California’s Older Adults and People with Disabilities

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More than two million seniors and people with disabilities (SPDs) enrolled in Medi-Cal in California will be impacted by reforms, initiatives, and new policies being developed through CalAIM (California Advancing and Innovating Medi-Cal).

CalAIM and Institutional Long-Term Care: Lessons for Medi-Cal Managed Care

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CalAIM (California Advancing and Innovating Medi-Cal) is a comprehensive, multiyear effort led by the California Department of Health Care Services that seeks to implement broad delivery system, program, and payment reform across California’s Medi-Cal program.

Throw health centers a lifeline by replacing outdated payment model

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At this crucial moment before a second wave of COVID-19 crests and crashes, policymakers should confront a significant payment problem brewing within our primary-care safety net that, if unaddressed, threatens care for millions of Americans.

Growing our Own: Cultivating the Next Generation of Primary Care Workers in Community Health Centers

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In communities across the country, staggering unemployment rates and failing infrastructure go hand in hand with significant healthcare challenge

Advancing Integration of Behavioral Health into Primary Care: A Continuum-Based Framework

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The need to bring high-quality treatment and management of depression, anxiety, and other common behavioral health conditions into primary care has been well documented, but for small to medium-size practices the complex models that are the standard for integrating medical and behavioral care are often beyond their resources.

Accountable Care Organizations: A Case Study in the Use of Care Coordination: Montefiore Medical Center

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This chapter traces the history of Montefiore’s Accountable Care Organization (ACO) development including care management experience prior to the Affordable Care Act, administrative structure, and the use of care management as a central element in its ACO.

Leveraging Public Private Partnerships to Address Global Vaccine Needs Evaluation of the Merck-Wellcome Trust Hilleman Laboratories

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This report offers an evaluation of Merck-Wellcome Trust Hilleman [...]

Responding to People Who Have Been Victimized by Individuals with Mental Illnesses

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The discussion focuses on two victims’ rights: notification and information concerning the location and case status of defendants and those convicted of the crimes at issue for victims; and participation in hearings and court proceedings related to the case.

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